How To Make Nigerian Okro Soup

Okro soup is a popular Nigerian soup made with okra aka ladyfingers. It is a low-budget dish that is delicious and easy to prepare. 


  • 1kg beef and assorted meat
  • 500g fish (mackerel or any oily fish)
  • 300g okro
  • 200g ugu (fluted pumpkin) leaves
  • 1 cup Palm oil
  • 1/2 cup crayfish
  • 1 handful ogbono seeds
  • 6-10 scotch bonnet chillies
  • 2 medium onions
  • 3 seasoning cubes
  • Salt to taste


  1. Slice the ugu leaves and okro thinly, blend the chillies with a bit of water, grind the ogbono and crayfish together. Chop the two onions finely.
  2. In a pot, add your meat, 2 seasoning cubes, some salt, and half of the chopped onions. Cover and steam over medium heat. Do not add any water at this stage, the meat will produce its own stock but keep an eye on the water level to prevent it from burning.
  3. While the meat is cooking, heat the palm oil in a pan; add the other half of the chopped onions and fry for 3 minutes. After 3 minutes, turn off the heat and add your ground ogbono and crayfish; mix properly and set aside.
  4. Check your meat, if the water is almost dried up, add one litre of water and cook till the meat is done. 
  5. Add your fish and blended chillies; cover and cook till the fish is done (about 6-10 minutes).
  6. When the fish is done, carefully take each piece out and set them aside to prevent them from scattering. Now, add your ogbono mixture to the meat and cook for five minutes or till thickened. Once thickened, add your okro and cook for a further 3 minutes.
  7. After 3 minutes, add one seasoning cube and some salt. Taste and adjust seasoning to suit your taste. 
  8. Finally, add the ugu leaves and fish. Leave to simmer for 2 minutes, stir everything together and turn off the heat. 

Your okro soup is ready!!!

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