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About us

Toko Ebirim Shop is located in Kelapa Gading Jakarta Utara Indonesia, we sale and supply food items, and also Indonesian foods. We have setup this website in order to compare and contrast about the Indonesian foods with that of Africa mainly Nigerian foods. The food we sale are locally made Indonesian foods which made it possible to determine the demand of such food among the people. We can also reach out to supply fruits and vegetables so that those that are vegetarians can also be carried along.

We have also included African food stuffs such Egusi, Ogbono, Garri, Cocoyam, Yam etc. With these items at hand we can compare the purchase and demand of the two countries to know what food people like most in each of the countries and why they like such food.

We display both Indonesia and African foods to help people that are trying to know about food culture of the Asian and Africans. We also display the food stuff for both countries, this helps people that are interested on this area to know what the food is made up. And we can update the items from time to time in order to keep the people current on the trending foods item.

Having the knowledge about food of different national helps one to know the similar food of his own country and that will help in the quick adaptation to the new environment. And also to drive health benefits of such food. We hope that you found our website useful to your expectation.